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Discover a membership that helps you start a business that truly reflects You.

Your dream of starting that spiritual business That truly aligns With
Your authentic self seems like it’s never going to happen because…

You have some spiritual knowledge, but don’t think you're good enough to actually start a business around it

You feel isolated and alone, and don't feel like you have the support you need to help you thrive

You don't even know where to begin with starting a business

Overcoming scepticism from others about starting a spiritual business is making you doubt your self

The tech side of running a business seems daunting when you struggle with tech already

And if dealing with all this wasn't enough, feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work, and finding the time to learn and implement everything you feel you need to to get started

One moment you feel like your on the brink of a breakthrough, believing you've finally lesrnes enough to get started, and the next you're overwhelmed and doubting your path, thinking about abandoning your plan to start a business altogether.
So you find yourself downloading another generic business blueprint, or investing in more books, and watching endless free challebges that promise you success, but leave you feeling deflated and overwhelmed.
But remember, it doesn't have to be that way,
I am here to support you through every step of your journey. You’ll get the tools, knowledge, support and guidance to not just start your tarot business, but excel, so you won’t give up on your dreams like so many aspiring business owners do

You’ll have the confidence in your spiritual And tarot knowledge to realise that starting a business feels not just possible, but exciting and achievable

You’ll have the support of a community of like minded people who provide encouragement, share Insights and help you thrive

You’ll lesrn the necessary skills and knowledge to empower you to start and grow your spiritual business from the ground up

Develop the resilience and strategies needed to overcome skepticism and doubts, affirming your belief in your spiritual business dreams

You'll master the essential tech skills you need to make running a business smooth and less intimidating, even for the tech challenges

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Hi, I’m Sarah, and my journey with starting a

spiritual business started when I first realized the profound impact that tarot and spiritual practices could have on peoples lives and business. After 20 years immersed in tarot and nearly a decade in business, I’ve faced numerous challenges in pursuit of being my authentic self and building a business that truly aligns with who I am. Now, as a spiritual coach and tarot mentor, I realize just how many people could benefit from integrating spiritual practices into their business—yet how few business owners even consider the spiritual aspects at all. This realization led me to want to share my knowledge. I know I have something that can make a real difference in the lives of entrepreneurs struggling to find their path and align their businesses with their spiritual values. With all my experience now dedicated to helping others, I not only have valuable skills but have also gained unique insights into how to effectively blend spirituality with business success. I have the knowledge and tools to help you thrive. That’s why I created this membership—to offer you not just information, but the knowledge, tools, and guidance I wish I had when I started my journey. Join me in The Tarot Visionary Society, where I’ll share all this with you. You’ll learn how to integrate your spiritual beliefs into your business model, navigate the challenges of spiritual entrepreneurship, and ultimately transform your business into a reflection of your true self.

Masters of Tarot

Step by step training

Intuitive tarot readings

Detailed resources

Self paced learning


Training: Step-by-step training on how to Effectively Integrate Spirituality into Your Business

Tools: Get help with implementing the training in this membership with the checklists, cheat sheets, workbooks, templates and more

Implementation: Learn to put your new knowledge into action as I show you how to tailor it to your business.

Tarot Readings: Exclusive yearly, monthly, and weekly intuitive tarot readings for the group, inclusive free tarot readings (capped at one a month) when booked by you

Exclusive Discounts: 25% of every other program or service i offer, including my signature Masters of Tarot Program

Workshops and Masterclasses: Free access to every masterclass or workshop I run

Q&A or Coaching Sessions: Ask any question you want or get help and support on every aspect of your journey with personalised cosching and your questions answered, with the help of tarot when needed

For £27 a month you get:
Phase 1
The Quest for Authenticity

Learn, and understand your core values, beliefs, and who your authentic self is.

Self Discovery Journal

Personal Growth Playbook

Phase 2
The Quest for Purpose

Learn about your purpose and your why and how to align your daily tasks and long-term goals with this purpose.

Life Purpose Playbook

Printable Planner

Phase 3

Learn different spiritual practices for spiritual growth

Spiritual Growth Playbook

Spiritual Routine Workbook

Phase 4
The Quest for Business Foundations

Learn all the essential foundational knowledge of starting your spiritual business

Quarterly Review Template

Ethics Statement Template

Phase 5
The Quest for Online Presence

Learn about establishing and managing online presence in the spiritual niche

Spiritual Growth Playbook

Spiritual Routine Workbook

Phase 6
The Quest for Tarot Business

Get the tools needed for effective business planning, and building

Spiritual Growth Playbook

Spiritual Routine Workbook

Also get access to these amazing resources
  • 1. What exactly is The Tarot Visionary membership?
    The Tarot Visionary membership is a detailed mebership designed for aspiring spiritual business owners and people who want to integrate tarot into their businesses. It provides education, resources, and community support to help members launch and grow a spiritually-aligned business and so much more.
  • 2. Who is the membership for?
    This membership is ideal for anyone who has a passion for tarot and spirituality and wants to turn that passion into a viable business. Whether you're just starting out or you’re looking to expand your existing business, our membedship offers tools, and insights that can propel your journey.
  • 3. How is this different from other tarot or business courses and memberships?
    Our membership uniquely combines spiritual growth with business training. We focus not just on the how to’s of starting a business but also on maintaining spiritual integrity in your practices. Plus, our community component ensures you have a network of like-minded individuals to rely on as well as regular intuitive tarot readings
  • 4. Can I benefit from the membership if I’m not tech savvy?
    Absolutely! We provide resources and training that cater to all levels of tech proficiency. From setting up a basic online presence to setting up your email list, our step-by-step guides make it easy for anyone to get started and succeed, regardless of their tech background.
  • 5. What kind of support can I expect as a member?
    Members benefit from a range of support options, including live cardpulls and Q&A sessions, yearly, monthly, and weekly tarot readings,a community in Facebook for peer support and you can contact for any tech issues and more. Our goal is to ensure you have the help you need whenever you need it.
  • 6. Is there a commitment period for the menbership?
    There are various subscription options to suit your needs including monthly and annual plans. While we believe you will benefit most from engaging with the community and resources over a longer period, you choose what works best for you without any long-term commitment.
  • 7. Can I cancel my membership if it’s not right for me?
    Yes, you cancel your membership at any time. We offer a hassle-free cancellation process, and you can manage your subscription directly from your account using the button at the bottom of your portal, or the link at the bottom of any receipt you receive from your monthly or annual payments or if you're struggling then you can email me at
  • 8. What results can I realistically expect from joining?
    While individual results can vary, you can expect to gain deeper insights in spirituality, gain confidence in yourself and running a spiritual business. If you do the work, and use the tools and resources available you will get results.
  • 9. How often is new content added to the membership?
    We regularly update our content to ensure it remains relevant and valuable. This includes adding new workshops, masterclasses and resources. You also get group tarot readings every week.

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